Our lamb is sourced from hand-picked farms across Essex. They supply us with high-quality produce throughout the year. We stock every cut of lamb inside the shop throughout the year.

The AHDB Quality Standard Mark Scheme for beef and lamb and the Red Tractor scheme from Red Tractor Assurance both provide a guarantee of assurance, encompassing food safety, animal welfare and care for the environment.

- Lamb Shank
- loin chops
- chomp chops
- saddle chops
- Minted Chops
- English Leg of Lamb
- English Shoulder of Lamb

- Stewing Neck of Lamb
- Lambs Kidney
- Lamb Fillet
- Minced Lamb
- chump Ends
- Best Ends
- Breast of Lamb
- Leg Steak

- Rump
- Kebabs
- Minted Lamb Kebabs
- New Zealand Leg of Lamb
- Lambs Heart
- Lambs Liver

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• One of them
Product list 2
• This thing
• Something Else
•One of them

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