Valentines Day Sorted! Our 8 Favourite Recipe Ideas

Does the thought of valentines day in a restaurant make you shudder? They often make you choose from a set menu, they’re packed in and surrounded by other couples all forced out on the 14th of Feb because it’s “the thing to do.”

We think a romantic night in is the way forward – a delicious home cooked meal for your loved one in the comfort of your own home. Bliss!

It’s a cheaper alternative to an expensive, overpriced set menu plus you get to relax knowing you’re not being rushed for the next couple to get your seats. We think that’s a win win!  

We've carefully selected some special meals that we are sure you will love.

So here are our top picks for valentines day.

Slow/Long Cooks

If you've got all the time in the world to cook your loved one a romantic meal then here our some of our suggestions. They may take a little longer, but so worth the wait!  

1. Braised ox cheek Wellingtons with peppercorn gravy

We picked this recipe from as we feel its something a little special for valentines day.

This is not your usual weekday meal – It takes approximately 30 minutes to prepare and a cooking time at 3 hours 45 mins but we think it will definitely pay off. It’s sure to leave your partner super impressed as you’ve taken the time to cook up something special.

Give us a message at Church’s and we can make sure we've got your order in and ready before the 14th.

2. Lamb Shanks with tomatoes, chilli and garlic

This one comes from Jamie Oliver’s website.

It’s a recipe that take a little time and attention but the results are soo worth it.  With a total cooking time of 3 hours and 30 minutes, it’s not for the faint hearted but don’t let that put you off as the website states it’s not too tricky. You don’t need any super chief skills to pull this one off – you’ll do just fine!  

3. Crazy Sticky Ribs

Jordan Ramsey’s Sticky Rib recipe is truly something special! It takes around 3 and a half hours to prep and cook but fear not as this recipe is soo easy to follow. For any rib loves out there, we assure you it is well worth cooking these!

4. Peppered duck with vanilla mash

This recipe from is a delight!  The vanilla mash pairs perfectly with the peppery duck. It takes a little more effort but don’t be put off as it only has a cooking time of 50 mins. It’s well worth the extra effort for the outcome!

Also, our duck is very seasonal and organic.

Dinner In a Hurry

Okay, so not everyone has the time to spend all day in the kitchen, especially if your planning on cooking up a lovely meal after work. It is a Wednesday night after-all…

Here are some recipes that are perfect for those of you that don’t have that extra time, but still want truly delicious results!

5. Pan-fried venison with blackberry sauce

With a total cooking time of 25 mins, you can be serving up this impressive dish from in no time at all!

The perfect pairing of sweet, sharp Blackberrys against the rich venison is a match made it heaven. The perfect dish for game season, get your orders in ready to collect in store.

6. Lamb Cutlets With Mint, Chilli & Golden Potatoes

This effortless recipe by is perfect for those wanting something a little lighter to serve up but still delivers the wow factor.

With a little prep you can be plating this up in just half an hour. It’s something a little different to your weekday meal and not to tricky.

No need to pre-order as we stock every cut of lamb inside the shop throughout the year.

7. Flaky Pastry Pesto Chicken

We picked this recipe because we at Church’s feel the humble Chicken gets forgotten about when it comes to serving up a special meal.

This delicious recipe from is quick and easy to make, with a total cooking time of 30 mins including prep. So, if you fancy a little twist on the chicken breast, this could be the recipe for you!

8. Fillet Steak Flambé

It wouldn't be valentines day if a Steak dinner failed to make the shortlist.

We've picked something a little special for you to try, again, from The method is a more complicated than usual but has just a 15 minute cooking time so it’s dead quick. Just serve with your favourite side!

So, if you’re feeling confident we suggest you give this amazing steak recipe a try!

The Extra Mile

If you really feel like showing off and want to earn a few extra brownie points with your partner, how about staring off with these impressive Scotch Eggs from Delicious magazine. They’re easy to make and a perfect starter!

Then, perhaps something sweet to finish off?

We love an eaton mess – it is super easy to make even for novice meringue makers! This recipe by needs only 5 ingredients and is the perfect way to finish off a romantic meal for 2 (with leftovers of course!)  

Just pick up a pack of our free range eggs whilst collecting your meat for the perfect starters and dessert!

We hope you found the inspiration you’re looking for in our top picks for valentines day!

If you need any help or further advice on cooking your meats don’t be afraid to ask us.

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