FREE Dog Bones From Church's & Why Your Dog Will Love Them!

Dog owners know how much their furry friends appreciate a bone as a delicious treat but did you know that there are also huge health benefits for your dog too?

Many people get nervous about giving their dog bones and wonder if it is safe. Well, we’re going to give you some clarity and some useful info to ensure your dog is both safe and satisfied.

Here at Church’s we offer free bones for your dog with every purchase – making sure your dogs a happy customer to! Just ask us, tell us the size of your dog and we’ll head out the back to find you something that will get your pooches’ tail wagging.

What Bones Are Safe To Feed?

DISCLAIMER: When giving a bone to your dog they should always be supervised, never leave your dog alone with a bone.

The short answer is RAW bones. NEVER feed cooked bones. Cooked bones can splinter and become indigestible, so never be tempted to give one to your dog.


Honey’s, a company specialising in raw dog food state that dog bones can be split in two categories, licking/chewing bones and eating/swallowing bones.

Licking/chewing (and gnawing) bones help to keep teeth clean and gums healthy. Into this group fall marrow bones and knuckle end bones.

Eating/swallowing bones are part of the dogs daily nutrition if on a raw food diet and provide about a third of the nutrition. Into this group fall chicken or duck wings, backs (carcass) necks, as well as lamb ribs, lamb necks, pork ribs, pork tails, pork trotters.

Health Benefits

If you let yourself think about what dogs would survive on if they lived in the wild, bones would definitely play a big part in their diet. Honey’s raw dog food, say that in the wild up to a third of a dog’s nutrition (including calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, complex fats and vitamins) may come from bones.

Bones are also a great way to keep your dogs mouth healthy as they are a natural way of cleaning your dog's teeth and gums. Letting your dog chew on a bone for just 15 minutes a day can help remove plaque and trapped food saving you from expensive tooth extractions later in life. Oh, and of course costly vet bills!

At What Age Can My Dog Have A Bone?

RSPCA suggests that bones can be introduced into a dogs diet at around 12 weeks of age, this ensures they are active chewing around the age that their permanent teeth come though.

So as long as your dogs are supervised and you have taken some time to decide what bone is suitable for your dog or puppy, bones are perfectly safe and have many health benifits. Most of all your dog will love them!

So next time you give us a visit don’t forget your free dogs bone, your dog will love you for it!

For anymore information on feeding bones or raw meat to your dogs give Honeys a call for free expert advice 01672 620260


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