Dare you dislike turkey? 4 Alternative Meats For Christmas Day

Just because it’s Christmas day, it doesn't mean you have to be roasting a gigantic turkey. It feels as if there’s an unwritten law that states that turkey compulsory on Christmas day. Many people don’t like turkey but because of Christmas tradition feel they have to cook one to avoid being a bah humbug!

There are so many delicious alternatives to turkey that will satisfy all your dinner guests. Chances are, if you suggest something different, people will welcome the change!

If you find yourself with many dinner guests though, you may still wish to cook a beautifully bronzed bird, but give them the option of an alternative meat for the perfect Christmas feast.

If you want to know more about our award-winning, free-range turkeys check out our blog here: https://www.churchsbutchers.co.uk/post/churchs-christmas-turkeys

Here are our suggestions for a spectacular Christmas day dinner. If your lucky enough to have any left overs, they will be perfect to eat cold on boxing day too!

A Gammon Joint

Gammon joint is just perfect for Christmas day. It’s always family favourite and sure to impress! You can order them in any size you need to feed your family and friends – smoked or unsmoked is the hardest decision you'll have to make!

The cooking times varies with the size of the joint and how you wish to cook it – We can suggest a cooking time depending on the weight of the joint. The great thing about gammon is if you've already got your hands full with everything else you can pop it in the slow cooker and leave it to do it’s thing! Mustard and honey glaze gammon joint is a crowd pleaser, or for something more festive try a maple and cinnamon glaze. Truly delicious!


If you’re looking for something rich and luxurious, then a whole duck could be the meat you’re looking for. It’s easy to cook and full of flavour – this bird is perfect for those having a smaller dinner party. Try find a recipe with wonderful festive flavours to compliment the rest of your roast dinner. You could even try cooking your roast potatoes in duck fat! We can advise you on cooking times accordingly in the shop – once cooked allow to rest before carving!

It’s now game season so the perfect time for Duck read our blog for more info:



Who could resist succulent, tender roast beef on Christmas day? Your mouth is already watering, isn't it? You can purchase the exact size joint for your number of guests so you won’t have to eat in into the new year… unless you want extra of course!

If all that hasn't already got you filling out your order, maybe the fact that there’s hardly any prep needed can persuade you. Just drizzle with oil, season and pop in the oven!  It’s low-maintance, delicious food that free’s up precious time to spend with the family instead of in the kitchen.

Venison Wellington

We’ve save the most flamboyant and extravagant until last! If your looking for something a little special for your Christmas day showstopper then look no further.  Venison has such a great flavour, it’s always free-range and it’s locally sourced.

Wellingtons take a little more preparation (give yourself about an hour) but put the extra time in and you'll be serving up a right treat!  Find a recipe you want to try online and anything you can do the day before to prepare will make it easier on the day. If you’re not a fan on Venison then you could always go for the more traditional beef wellington. If you are feeling experimental try pork!

Whatever meat you decide to cook, we hope you enjoy a fantastic festive feast with the whole family. Don’t forget were here to help with cooking times!

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